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* We stand by our work with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!    

     JCS Lawn Sprinklers will custom design your irrigation system to meet your specific watering needs. Most installations are completed in 1 day's time. We do NOT ask for down payments. There are no hidden costs. All costs are explicitly itemized on a written contract and deviations from such will only be made by written contract with the homeowner.

Call "JCS" at 732-840-0460 for a FREE estimate.

Installations Include:

  • 5 Year Warranty on material, 12 months on labor
  • Wireless Rain Sensor
  • Solid brass Pressure Vacuum Breaker (Many competitors use plastic)
  • Master Valve included on all installations
  • 1st Winterization and Start-Up Service Free
  • RainBird Controller with optional WIFI smart timer upgrade
  • RainBird 5000 Series Rotary Heads
  • RainBird 1800 Series Spray Heads
  • RainBird DV-100 Valves
  • 1" Black Poly Pipe (100 year life expectancy)
  • All heads installed on swing pipe for added protection
  • Proper Zoning for different plant and soil types    

    Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate at 732-840-0460. 

     JCS Lawn Sprinklers only uses the very best products in the industry when installing or servicing systems. Below are some of the products we use. Click for more information:


     JCS Lawn Sprinklers LLC is capable of adding on to any existing irrigation system. Simply show us where you need water and we will design additional zones to meet your needs. If necessary, we will upgrade the controller, add zones to your property, add sprinkler heads off existing lines (if possible), install a Wireless Rain Sensor, install a back flow prevention device, and install any other features you may desire. Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate at 732-840-0460.

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