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Starting-up your irrigation system in the Spring sounds pretty straightforward, but in reality, it is something better left for the professionals to handle.

Incorrectly opening the main water source to the system can create a high pressure situation and you can inadvertently damage the entire system.

Each zone needs to be checked individually for any repairs and adjustments that may be needed. Turning on the system and setting the clock just won't cut it. You have to be prepared to make those repairs. Otherwise you are wasting time, water, and money.

The following is a typical Start-Up procedure: 

Close all drain valves and plugs
Prime Well-Pumps (if needed)
Re-open shut off valves under low pressure
Pressurize system
Check main for leaks and damage
Go through each zone and adjust and clean around heads for proper orientation and coverage
Flag any repairs that must be made
Make repairs with homeowners approval
Test rain sensor and set for watering season
Set timer for Spring watering season
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