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The drain plug from your shallow well pump must be removed at the time of winterization. It is best to leave this plug out for the winter. Try not to lose it. If you do we have more. 

Your backflow preventer will look like this after winterization. Valves half cocked, and drain valve our hose bib open. This allows trapped water to escape the system. It also prevents the system from filling up due to accidental turn on or faulty shut off valves.

Remember to have your lawn sprinkler system WINTERIZED this fall. Winterizing your system is NOT an option. You may get lucky one year but all it takes is one cold night for your system to freeze and damage to occur. Save yourself the headache and trust JCS to winterize your system. Below is a summary of the winterzation process:

Shut off water to irrigation system
Open all drain valves and plugs
Air compress all main lines, laterals, valves, and heads using an industrial strength Ingersol Rand 100 CFM air compressor
Drain well pump if applicable
Ensure system is free of water
Turn off or unplug timer


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